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Kendal Library Pixel Portraits

· 3 min read

A painted pixel portrait of John Ruskin and a sticker portrait of Jodie Whittaker created for the Get Creative Festival at Kendal Library.

As part of the Get Creative week we ran a community pixel portrait session in Kendal Library.

As there were likely to be a lot of young kids there we made the Dr Who (Jodie Whittaker) picture from stickers and keep John Ruskin as a painting option.

This worked out really nicely. It was nice to see so many people being completely absorbed in paiting or stickering.

John Ruskin preview image using nine A4 sheets.

Jodie Whittaker preview

Setting up. We blue-tacked all the pages in place. People came in, took a sheet, and returned it when completed.

The squares to be painted each had a symbol on representing the correct colour to use. I thought symbols would be easier to distinguish, but now I think numbers would have been ok!

A family hard at work filling in the stickers.

Some kids preferred to paint, some to sticker and some did both.

We had one table set aside for painting and another for stickering.

Each time a sheet was completed it was added back to the board so we could slowly watch the portrait take shape.

The stickers proved quicker than the painting method.

The last Jodie Whittaker sheet being added!

The last Ruskin Sheet being put in place!

More by luck than planning we finished about just about bang on time!