Chris and Jennie Dennett make playful, interactive community art and digital exhibits under the name Artfly.  Based in Ulverston with two daughters they make arty oddities whilst also working as a Quirk Ambassador at CGP books and a Reporter at BBC Radio Cumbria respectively.

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Projects to write up

Basically this is our todo list made public!

  • Heron Corn Mill Wax Workshop
  • Diffusion Reactions
  • Penbot 3000 - Pen Plotting experiments
  • World Record Party Hats
  • Citizen Cairn
  • The Philosophy of Time Slicing (tPoTS)
  • Dithering Douglas with Floyd
  • Glowing baby body parts
  • Photo Stretcher
  • Colour Splitter
  • Planks for the Memories
  • Fridge Splitters.
  • Rotoscoped Victorian Lady Jumps Shark!
  • Portrait Grids Maker
  • Plywood Pictures
  • Jellycam Stop Motion

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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