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Trumping Towers

· 3 min read

Trump means Trump! A parping tower triggered by a golf ball for Barrow's Full of Noises festival.

I helped out John Hall making a Trumping Tower Crazy golf hole for the 2019 FON Festival in Barrow. John did all the arty bits while I worked on the electronic internal gubbins.

There were many, many prototypes

The first electronics attempt worked, but the speakers were too small

The new speaker fried something!

The third farting speaker (guitar amp) was just right said goldiplops.

First sound trigger test worked, but not all the time!

The next attempt always triggered the sound, but sometimes the ball got stuck!

I was pretty pleased with my final packed lunch box full of tech!

I'll skip to the first successful test, because I stopped taking pictures of all the failed attempts!

It took a while to get the ramp size right, and I found out you can flatten a drainpipe nicely with a heat gun.

After a lot of prep we had three great days of play and the trumping tower worked flawlessly throughout.

Following the brief we made it to pack down for storage.

John's removable shiny cladding

Putting the final tower through the Dot Whacker test.

We guffed on the golf course...

Trumped in the town hall...

and blew off in the band stand!.

There was a flash from the grassy knoll and our balloon trump exploded! Assassination or heat stress?

Town hall milling

Hole in one!

The youngest players needed help, but otherwise it played pleasingly well.

Victory dance.

And the crowd goes quiet.

Can you tell that bandstand day was the day I remembered to take snaps!

First triple hole in one round won a "prize"

John explaining the farting sound wasn't him!

Boom, hole in one!

One of the few shots taken in its natural habitat.