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The Door of Perception

· One min read

A digital thing showing people as a cloud of points or a line drawing for Ulverston's Candlelit Walk.

I actually have a video for this one because for once I made a digital that didn't need me to do anything.

The swinging from side to side is part of how I programmed it, rather than an odd filming decision!

I filmed most of the interactions from behind the screen so I could get a good shot without inhibiting people.

Project notes:

This is actually 2 projects in one.

The big one used an Xbox Kinect 2 sensor to pick up distance data I could then map to coloured dots in a rotating 3D cloud using a digital art coding thing I use quite a bit called Processing.

The second one on the door also uses Processing, but this time with a webcam converting onlookers faces into scratchy line drawings in real time. Well I say "real time", it actually ran a bit slowly because I was using my aging laptop which couldn't quite handle the load.