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Technical Tales

· 2 min read

Created for Art Gene's If These Walls Could Talk Exhibition, on from 28th May to 11th June 2024.

Technical Tales in situ.

Jennie interviewed former students of the Barrow Technical School/College as it was before it become the Nan Tait Centre.

We've presented these memories on an interactive plan so people can follow in the footsteps of these former students, tapping shoes to trigger playback of their stories. Here's a quick video explanation from Jennie:

We used a Bare Conductive Control Board as the brains of it all.
Chris had to get out the zoomy bins for the soldering on this one!
The full wiring set up like an electric fungus.
The full first floor plan.
The full ground floor plan.
We learned how to laser cut and engrave leather for this project. It worked wonderfully, but stank awfully! Like burnt hair on a turd!
Close up of the key and two of the touch sensitive footprints.
Jennie testing during installation