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Relax into 2050

· 2 min read

Coming soon at Signal Film & Media: See details here.

Explore a future that has the potential to be whatever you make it. Kick off your shoes and look around. It’s actually pretty nice!

‘Relax into 2050- Adventures in an Optimistic Future’ is a playful installation set in a flourishing future where nature and technology work in harmony. A future collectively built with airship rides, bountiful rewilded nature and AI-led cures for many of our ills.

Step into the dream dome, lie back and enjoy the mesmerising patterns made by you and your fellow humans.

Listen to the soothing sounds of humanity travelling forward in time, not to a dystopian destination, but to a possible one where it’s actually all OK.

Look around the dome to read about the ways people in Barrow and beyond are already building this future.

The exhibition is inspired by the Solarpunk art movement which imagines a world in which existing technologies are deployed for the greater good of both people and planet.

The Dream Dome

The Rug, seagrass project, coppiced wood, pallet chairs, soundscape

School Workshops and Artwork

Kaleidoscope creator cabinet, organic hexagons.

Positive News Boards

Link to resources and explain the scientific findings about attentions and negative news.

Image of sliders

  • bad things happening --> Positive things happening
  • terrible futures imaged --> wonderful futures imagined

Our sliders are slammed way over to the depressing side. We obviously need to keep our eye on that, but if we let that dominate our imaginations we'll never get to where we need to go.


Slow water: Nothing happens if you stand still

put in youtube video

Sankey Airships then and tommorrow

Soundcloud audio