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Mutilated Selfie Booth

· 2 min read

Mixing and matching eyes, ears and mouths in gruesome proportions.

A face projected onto a screen showing eyes ears and a mouth, but all massize and jammed together, with the ears facing forwards and not necessarily all from the same person!

A project for the 2018 Ulverston Candlelit Walk in Ford Park allowing people on the walk to create mutilated selfies using 3 web cams and a set of different face-mixing options.

Here it is running in demo mode before the event:

When actually in action people used the three webcams you can see on sticks at the front.

  • Webcam 1 show the eyes. It mirrors the same eye so you can still see the screen with the other.
  • Webcam 2 shows the ears, again mirroring the same ear on both sides.
  • Webcam 3 is for the mouth.
  • I didn't see the need for a nose!

I made the frame out of old bits of wood and spent ages melding plastic milk bottles together to make frankenstein style screens. I opted for paper in the end, but the milk bottle sheets got to live a year later for the Gill Witch.

Frame prototype 1 showing the areas for eye, ear and mouth sections.

As always I didn't get many pictures of it being used, but here are a few that people shared with me:

The eye and ear cams used by the same person leaving the ear cam to view the night.

I think this is three members of the same face creating a beautiful new creature.

A bit of a blurry one, but bonus points for the ear eyes!