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Kiitsugi - To Mend with oddness

· One min read

Like Kintsugi, but instead of mending pottery with gold, a toy was fixed with oddness!

I've for long loved the Japanese idea of Kintsugi. The art of repairing broken pottery using gold to celebrate rather than hide the history of the object.

Add to that the irresistible desire felt by me and the rest of my family for picking up discarded toys - what we call "street treasures" - and I wondered if instead of meaning pottery with gold if we could mend old toys with oddness!

So as an initial experiment I decided to re-arm Jabba, a childhood toy of mine who's been missing a limb for decades!

Re-armed and feeling glorious

Close up - can you guess who Baron G is?

I made Kiitsugi by taking 奇異 (Kii) meaning strange, odd, wonderful and 次 (join) and ramming them together with absolutely no understanding of how the Japanese language works so it might be bobbins! Sorry.