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Doodle and Dance

· 3 min read

Throwing shapes with some webcam trickery at Doodle and Dance in Carlisle for the Get Creative Festival with Zoe Leigh-Gadd of Dance Ahead.

We created the Digital Doodle for "Doodle and Dance", an event in Carlisle organised with Zoe Leigh Gadd of Dance Ahead & Up for Arts Cumbria for the Get Creative festival.

Doodle and Dance took over an empty shop unit in The Lanes Shopping Centre for three days with doodling on the walls, windows, floors, with doodle dancing, music, a BBC Radio Cumbria outside broadcast and my Digital Doodle in the changing room.

People often needed a little nudge (and for me to leave the room!) to get dancing and to play with the settings, but once they did they had lot's of selfie fun with it.

In this quick sweep of the shop you can just glimpse the entrance to the changing room in the middle. A young girl is just walking in:

Promo vid for social media:

Cardboard captioned control panel. Note to self - only 1 in 100 people read things like this.

It fitted nicely in the changing room with all the computer gubbins hidden away behind the screen.

Zoe, Jennie and me with two contributors.

Here's the main shop showing one of the huge doodle wall and doodle floors.

I took some time out from the Digital Doodle to be a ladder for Dot.

We saw lots of people on every day. All walls and floors were covered and many, many digital dances danced.

That's a picture done using skateboard wheels on the right!

The variety of doodles were awesome.