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Dock Museum Victorian Photo Portal

· 2 min read

Following on from the success of our live greenscreen set up allowing people to step into watercolours at Minnie's Scrapbook Exhibition, we were asked to create a similar permanent experience for the Dock Museum's Victorian Parlour.

We actually did away for the need for a greenscreen for this one so as not to obscure information boards in the background. Instead we used a machine learning model to detect people in the camera feed and crop them from the background.

We also added shadows to the people to make them look more like they were part of the scene. It was a lot of fun to work on and we're really pleased with the results.

On site shadow tweaking!

I programmed a set of keyboard controls to tweak the shadows, sizes and positions for each photo on site to get them looking just right. It's pleasing to visit the Dock Museum to hear regular chuckling from this corner of the room as people interact with the portal, finding the right pose to match the scene, miming actions in the foundry and virtually patting the dog.