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Banana Dance Flash Mob

· 3 min read

Dancing in the street with giant bananas! A fruity flashmob for Another Fine Fest 2017 created with Rachael Weaver, Sara Charlesworth and a whole basket of brilliant volunteer bananas.

The Inspiration:

How to make a giant cardboard banana:

The workshop:

The dance steps to learn:

Copying nature's dress pattern.

Now we have a plan, but it's very small!

We projected the pattern onto paper taped to the wall to super-size it!

Card cut to the pattern and taped together.

A bit of paper mache and paint later and it's coming together.

Yellow and black added and we're ready to dance!

Trial banana complete... time to bring in the workshop troops!

Our bunch is expanding by the day!

Accessories made!

Our "Carmen Miranda" prepping for the show

Helpers ready with custom t-shirts

The Dennett family are ready!

Dance steps "memorised"!

A last minute practice on Ford Park before sneaking into town

Hiding in an alley waiting for our moment!

Our fearless dance leader heads the flash mob parade into town.

And we're off!

The crowds part for the sudden banana influx!

The helpers tried to keep us in step! dancing up the middle.