Sickened by the dullness of cars and to show gratitude for the tireless work our wonderful Skoda does for us we decided to give our grey/beige wondercar (keeps getting through MOTs to everyone's surprise!) a Dennett make-over.

After consulting lots of websites telling me that this was a terrible idea, but if you have to paint your own car use these special blah spray blah paints and prepare blah, blah, blah, tape up windows blah, blah.

Anyway after a quick trip to B&Q for some metal paint tester pots, we just sat on the ground and tattooed what we now refer to as "The Fish".

We ran out of paint and have never completed it, but it still gives me joy to see grins, confusion or anger at people who gaze upon are artwork! I also suspect the air of "blokey bloke who knows all about car things" may have taken a knock every time I hand over the keys at the garage!

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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