Come join the Cephalopod uprising!

An art-encrusted island of curious cabinets (an arty-pelago if you like!😉) commissioned for the Coro's 2022 Incredible Journeys Exhibition (August 5th-26th).

Step up and gaze into the inky void to have your face ‘borrowed’ by the migrating Squid Squad.  Move around the cabinets to explore the Kaleidoscopic Experimentation Module using our specimen petri dishes or try making your own. Further round you’ll discover a Broiling Cave of luminescent deep sea oddities hidden in the cluster.  Beyond this, a rare tank of “Slow Water” will warp your reflection in mind-bending ways.  Don’t miss the tiny and shy Ether Fish below, floating in a dome of trapped time!


With the Squid Squad I was aiming for the same gloriously hand-made asthetic of Georges Méliès and The Mighty Boosh!

Squid Squad A.I. Generated Art 🦑🤖🎨

While making the Squid Squad Atoll we were granted access to a shiny new Artificial Intelligence image generator called DALL·E. It is being developed by OpenAI to create original, realistic images and art from a short text description. It “learned” to create art after analysing 800 million images.

Find out more and join the waiting list to have a go yourself here:

All the images below were generated with DALL·E using prompts like:

  • “An Renaissance oil painting of a squid taking a selfie”
  • “A dark painting of squid with human faces in the style of Georges Méliès”

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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