The Cupboard Kaleida

The original Kaleidoscope was invented way back in 1817 and became a massively successful gadget the following year. We reckon it’s still as magical today as it ever was! Instead of angled mirrors in a tube, we’ve used a webcam and Raspberry Pi computer to create a rotating triangular section reflecting into loads of hexagons.

Doing things this way means everyone can enjoy their mesmerising creations together on a large screen.

People - especially kids loved trying out different petri dishes, or put something else under the scope to see what patterns they could conjure! We cut out circles of paper at the suggestion of one visitors and people had a great time seeing the images their drawings made.

Slow Water & Ether Fish

Step up and gaze upon your reflection. Step from side to side. Turn yourself around. Give yourself a wobbly wave. Take a picture of your watery twin.

These body-warping waters use Slit Scanning, an old film effect that builds static images from thin slices taken from each video frame.

It's been coded to life using Javascript, a webcam and a Raspberry Pi (an inexpensive mini-computer).

The Ether Fish below has been captured in its jar using an angled reflective surface on a screen, an update on a Victorian theatre trick called Pepper's Ghost.

Science + tech + creative coding = a weird watery wonder.

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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