I created a quick web gizmo to make QR treasure hunt clues. It's a great tool to entertain a group of kids if they're getting bored around the house.


Each clue leads them to the next, one by one until they get to the last clue which leads them to the treasure!

The QR code element adds a pleasing code-cracking 'spy' feel to the hunt.

Step 1 - Make up some clues:

Step 2 - Print and Cut out the codes

Select the Print Clues tab and print the page (ctrl p) on windows. It should just print out the codes themselves with the titles etc. Fits 12 to an A4 page.

Step 3: Hide the Clues

Just hide each clue where says to hide it on the bottom.


  • It doen't matter if the players see this because when they find it they know where it is!
  • However it solves the most frequent headache I had setting these treasure hunts up. I'd keep getting confused and put the clue in the place it was leading them too, rather than the place before!

Step 4: Set them off!

Give them the first clue (it should say "Give this to the Treasure Hunter" on it).

This will will lead them to the next clue, which will lead them to the next... until they get to the last one which will lead to the treasure.

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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