Minnie's Scrapbook

We were commissioned to produce three digital exhibits to work alongside an exhibition of rescued watercolour paintings at Barrow's Dock Museum .

This involved working alongside the Dock Museum's brilliant Collections & Exhibitions Manager Charlotte Hawley. A truly lovely person to work with. Thank you Charlotte. 🙏

The story behind the discovery of these paintings by the Barrow art teacher and traveller Minnie Pratt is a fascinating journey - more on that here: https://www.dockmuseum.org.uk/visit-us/exhibitions-events/minnies-scrapbook-exhibition/

Painting Portal - Minnie Pratt Greenscreen

For this exhibit we set up a live greenscreen in the gallery space allowing people to sit and watch themselves appear inside a series of Minnie's watercolours. It uses a custom-coded piece of software to transition between pictures with a paint spreading effect, while at the same time zooming the onlooker to different perches that work within each scene.

Mini Minnie - Minnie Pratt Pepper's Ghost Cabinet

On top of a beautiful old school desk we represented Minnie's time as a teacher using a Pepper's Ghost effect to show Minnie walking around a doll- sized classroom and turning on the radio to play a recording from one of Minnie's pupils recalling what Minnie was like as a teacher. Pretty strict by all accounts!

Self-Drawing Blackboard - Minnie Pratt Blackboard Projection

Minnie's father Robert Pratt was also an art teacher and wrote a book exploring the mathematics behind perspective, shadows and reflections.

To represent Robert's book we projected an animation on an antique blackboard from the museum's collection. The looped animation sketches a diagram from the book as if it's being chalked and then erased from the blackboard.

BBC North West Tonight on Minnie's Scrapbook

We were kindly invited to the opening night celebrations with Gary Johnston - the person responsible for finding Minnie's scrapbook and piecing the whole fascinating story together. BBC North West Tonight covered the event...

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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