A glowing onion is a thing of surprising beauty.

This revelation came after our daughter left her disco finger-lights in the kitchen next to an onion.

Whilst preparing spaghetti bolognaise, a light was idly popped under an onion shell and Eureka! The pleasing effect of light though the onion's creamy, delicately-veined flesh was a revelation.

There followed some experimentation to stick one's onion's halves back together and it turns out Copydex works on vegetables! Who knew!

The Glowing Onion debuted at Ulverston's Candlelit Walk in 2017 and was much admired. The onion arch is now a feature of every Walk.

I made an Instructable to share this onion innovation with the world. Parties in more than one nation have now been lit by onion light which makes me very happy.

Go forth everyone and make your garden glow!


You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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