We were commissioned as part of Kirkgate Arts ' year-long ‘I Am Dorothy’ project, a programme supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund to shine a light on Dorothy Wordsworth with a temporary Light Sculpture.

You can listen to me and Emma from Kirkgate Arts talking about the project on BBC Radio Cumbria here:

Because there are very few images of Dorothy we decided to create a portrait using her own words representing Dorothy as she would have looked to hike the fells. To do this Kirkgate Arts organised for Jessie Binns to pose in the period dress Dorothy would have worn to get our image.

The main part of the sculpture is a giant flower press representing the constraints of Dorothy's time and how - unlike her brother - very little of her poetry and prose was published, but kept locked away in her journals.

When making the plinth we realised that we didn’t have to follow convention and have a brutal cold slab of stone, so we used a mix of wood, woven hazel and willow and living plants to present Dorothy in a gentler, more welcoming way.

Massive thanks to Kirkgate Arts for giving us the opportunity to create this and to Maureen at Furness Plastics for her help to create and perfect the etched acrylic sheets.

You know it's all over when the victorian lady jumps the stool.

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