chris and jennie wearing leaves and bracken

That's me on the right (Jennie's on the left), 3 days into a family holiday on a wifi-free Scottish island.

I work for 2 days a week at CGP Books as a Quirk Ambassador. The rest of the time I spend making interactive-digital-arty-thingies and a dash of web development.

I always make something for Jennie's halloween Candlelit walk event like The Gill Witch, The Mutilated Selfie Booth, or The Door of Perception.

Sometimes I get commissioned to help make something like The Trumping Towers or The Digital Doodle & Dance.

And other times I just make things for the fun of it like The Photo Weaver or The Binary Hands. Or help Jennie out with her events/projects like Face Tracing in Gateshead or being a Human Rollercoaster.

I struggle the term 'artist' because in my head you have to be able to draw or paint, but I'm slowly coming to accept that is what I'm trying to be - even if it does make me squirm!

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