Montage of Candlelit Walk scene featuring glowing onions and eyeballs!

Ulverston is lit-up for the Candlelit Walk every Halloween.

Held on The Gill, 600 candles light the night along with shadowscreens, fire dance, stories and music.

It was started by Geoff Dellow in 2010 who was given sacks of terracotta clay after the closure of the old Dalton Pottery. He wanted a community project to get everyone potting and thought up the idea of making pots to put on the railings filled with candles - what we call our spike lights.

He gathered residents of The Gill and together the spike lights and hundreds of candles were set a-twinkling on Halloween, it was a magical sight and the Candlelit Walk Committee was formed to keep it going.

Floodworks sent us to Ford Park in 2015 and now the event is back on The Gill and has become a fixture in Ulverston's festival calendar.

It's a great moment of community crafting where over the course of many pub meetings, like-minded souls who like making weird things plot what spooky sights they want to put in the woods.

Around 100 people came to the first walk and now 1,000 people come every year, a number we have settled on as the capacity crowd to keep things safe in the dark amongst the fiery features. The walk is now ticketed.

Here are some of the things we've made in 9 years of experimenting with light and shadows and donations of scrap wax from Wax Lyrical, a great candle factory just outside Ulverston at Lindal-in-Furness.

We try and make everything out of scrap, collecting old jars for our candles and old sheets from the Premier Inn for our Shadow Screens.

Sometimes it rains and we have a bit of a candlelit huddle rather than a walk, but always we mark October 31 with fire and spooky sights and generally enjoy an Autumn night, shaking a collective stick at the oncoming winter.